November 20, 2012
A co-worker was a regular donor and so following her lead I decided I could make time to go in and donate. So on February 22, 2011 I went in to donate blood for the first time in many years. That evening just a few hours after I had finished at the Red Cross I received a telephone call from a friend of my son’s, the caller stated my son had been in a snowmobile accident and was in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. When my husband and I arrived at the emergency room we were told our son was in critical condition, that he had a ruptured spleen, a fracture in his neck and a dozen broken/fractured ribs. The doctor was in such a hurry to get him into surgery; he pushed our son’s cart out from the ER over to surgery without waiting for assistance. As we waited and prayed in the waiting room with his sisters who had arrived; the surgeon finally came out and told us our son was stable but critical and that he had received six (6) liters of blood during the surgery. After a couple of days in ICU followed by a step down unit he came home very bruised, sore and a huge scar across his abdomen (which his nephews think it is kind of cool). The irony of my blood donation coinciding with my son’s accident was not lost on me. I have been giving blood every 8-9 weeks since. It is easy to do and I will continue to donate. Gratefully others had responded to the call and donated blood so it was available for our son. Another irony; the co-worker that was a regular blood donor and who prompted me to donate is now no longer able to give blood, so I have only taken her place.