The Unthinkable



Northridge, CA
November 08, 2012
You know,... sometimes the universe just smacks you upside the head and the UNthinkable happens. I was in a long lived happy marriage and we had three wonderful, bright and loving kids. All was well. The kids were all on their way to being great , contributing adults. Then the phone call. Out of the blue, my life, our lives were shattered. Our oldest son had died. No rhyme,no reason. Our lives were changed forever. Fast forward a few months. I was so distraught at what had happened to us , I never wanted any other parents to go through the pain that we had. I called the Red Cross to donate blood. Each time I donate I think of our son and hold him in my heart and hope that this blood donation can save a life. It is in honor of my son Jorge that I donate several times a year. As the five year anniversary is just a few days off, I will donate once again. It does not bring him back, but it does help ease my own pain. Hopefully I am sparing some other parents the heartache we have endured. I 'll always love you Jorgie, Mom