First Time Unable but, Never Gonna Stop Trying to Giving



Carterville , IL
November 07, 2012
Well it started when I was a Junior in High School and I wanted to give blood but my mom sent the signature in to late and I was 16 so I didn't get to give. Then I went to give blood again and I get in there and my temperature was good and so was my blood prick test but my blood pressure was high so I got that taken care of and we were set to get the blood. So I was laying there and they were trying to find the vein and they could not find one and I was so upset to the point of crying. Even though I could not give my blood either times I will never stop trying until I know that I am helping someone with my blood. I thank all the people that tried to help with the blood giving process and putting up with all the gory details (pun not intended). Thanks to the Red Cross Foundation for giving students in high school the opportunity to share the gift of life.