To the four people that I owe everything to.


Nancy Meneses

Anaheim, CA
November 06, 2012
I remember driving my dad to the urgent care since he was too dizzy to drive himself. We were joking about how he was probobly a little dehydrated or hadn't eaten properly. After about 15 minutes of him going into the examination room, I saw the doctor rushing to the phone and calling the hospital. All I remember hearing after that was GI bleed, then him telling me to hurry and drive my dad to the ER. The doctors were waiting for him there. It stopped being a joke as soon as the doctors were pumping the blood that was accumulating inside my dad's stomach. He had a few ulcers that he didn't know about, they were making him bleed out extensively. That is when I realized that I had been so close to losing my father. The greatest and kindest man in my world was close to dying. Fortunatly for us four kind people donated the blood that allowed him to stay with us. Blood donors didn't just save his life, they saved my family as well. In total he recieved four pints of blood over the course of his treatment. Those were 4 people that I owed everything to. After this experience I decided to become a blood donor, so that in a small way I was compensating the people who had saved my father. It is my hope that the people that I helped save inspire others to help become another link in the chain of blood donation.