It made me feel important



New Richmond, WI
November 05, 2012
Hi, My name is Courtney. I gave blood in September for the first time, I had wanted to when I was in high school and tried 3 times but couldn't the first time I was anemic and couldn't, the second because of a tattoo and the third because of another tattoo. When I finally did I wasn't sure I could because of a second tattoo I had gotten but they told me the law changed and I can as long as I knew they did not use the needle more than once. When I came in after class I volunteered to work at the canteen. When I was done I gave blood myself. I almost blacked out, I think because my body isn't used to losing blood. It didn't matter though. Today I got a letter telling me that my blood went to the VA Hospital in Minneapolis, MN, where my dad goes for his appointments. I thought it was really wonderful to know where it went and to know that it is being used to help the people around me. I am grateful I got this experience and plan on being a life long donor, and donating as many times as I can a year. Thank you Red Cross for this and Thank you to everyone else who donates!