Once you start, you won't want to stop.



Cornelius, OR
November 02, 2012
I have been donating blood and blood products for almost 32 years. I started when my step dad was diagnosed with cancer. He required large infusions of blood products and had several infusion bags attached at the same time. I had to wait until I was 18 (at the time) so on that birthday, I did two things, register for the draft & donate my first unit of blood. I have since donated well over 35 gallons and have lost track of my donations. I've been active duty military and have had the honor of donating to The American Red Cross in Japan, Korea and the Philippines. Even today I donate as often as I can. What ever the Red Cross needs, I will give. Whole Blood, Double Red, Platelets and even Plasma. All they need to do is ask. So if you know any one who can donate, have em give it a try. Its relatively painless, the time is small but the need is great.