Charlie,s Journey


Sandra Berlin

Evansville, IN
November 02, 2012
January 17th 2002, My healthy, strong 6ft 2in husband of 39 yrs was diagnosed with acute mylenlogenous Lukemia. he had not felt well for a few weels,nothing he could put his finger on, just not up to par. He still went to work everyday, though he came home and took a nap every evening, something that was very out of character for him. His job was very stressful---he was a Captain on the Evansville Police Dept., and had been on the dept for 36 yrs,working in various departments within. --Fast foward-- sitting in the emergency room hearing Dr Stephens [ our guardian Angel ] tell us as much as he thought we could absorb that night. Then starts the jouney----We knew he would be needing a lot of blood transfusions and platetes.. Our friends and family wanted to give Charlie blood. Dr Stephens said that he would be needing more than all of us put together could begin to give. ENTERS THE RED CROSS. Charlie,s journey began. He required many --many units of red blood cells to keep him alive-so that he had a chance of winning the horrible and painful disease. There was blood available quite readily at first, but as the warmer weather approach, people stopped donating.. We Panicked- what would we do if there was not any blood available? That happened- we were fortunate to have found some plasma, which was a short term fix. BUT it kept him alive until the RED Cross found him some. Sometimes they had to rob Peter to pay Paul. having to decide who was in more desperate need.. Not a decision we felt good about--for it mean,t that if WE got it. Someone else did not. We cried many tears for whose who did not get that precious blood that we ALL needed for our loved ones to have a chance to survive. Sometimes the blood would come at the eleventh hour, testing our Faith-we never waivered- If GOD brought us to this- He would lead us through it. With Gods gracious help & the Help of The RED CROSS, our journey lasted 7 months and over 100 units of red blood, and countless units of platelets. I will always remember the relief and the joy ,when each time there wasn,t any blood available anywhere in the tri-state, and S))) many people needing it so badly.. THE RED CROSS came through for us and many others in similar situations.. The nurses running in our room shouting " ThEY FOUND US SOME IN ST LOUIS".. In all of this I say PLEASE donate blood if you possibly can, you never know when it will be you sittting in the emergency room lhearing those words about you or worse your precious babies and ,Yes your Big , strong 6ft 2in ptotector.. The RED CROSS IS GREAT!!!!, BUT they can,t do it without all of you.. PLEASE GIVE BLOOD!!!!!! Charlie passed away Aug 4th 2002..Receiving the blood tranfusions allowed him to say goodbye to his precious granchildren, who he dearly loved and who dearly loved him. It allowed him to make peice with OUr SAVIOUR, and it gave me time to know this is how it was supposed to be--FOR NOW!!!! Sandy Berlin