Faith in Blood



Fitchburg, MA
October 13, 2012
Since My first time donating blood didn't work out so well I was scared to do it again. But I later received a letter in the mail that really touched my heart. The moment I realized that my blood could save at least three lives of people that really needed it. People who have some terrible conditions, well let's just say that since I''ve recently become an outstanding christian character around my community I've had a thirst to do good. Where ever and when ever I can, I recently made a pledge to give as much blood as I possibly can so that I can sleep good at night knowing the fact that my blood is probably being used right now to save a life. So as of today October 13, 2012 I Rafael Serrano-Diaz will be attending as much blood drives as I possibly can. That's my story, that's my pledge, and this is my new way of life.