I was always to busy...



Boise, ID
September 26, 2012

I use to think that I was too busy to donate blood. I was never opposed to doing it, and even intedned to, but I never made it a priority until one day changed everything. My wife needed a fairly routine surgery that was only suppose to take about a half hour. Due to a horrific set of circumstanaces and a number of complications her surgery ended up lasting over four hours. She had a very hard time bouncing back afte the surgery and ended up needing a blood transfusion. I watched as the donated blood entered my wife and then watched as she slowly came around. Having seen with my own eyes how donated blood made such a direct impact on someone I love and care about, I was filled with appreciation for whoever it was that donated the blood my wife recieved. I came away from that experience with a new determination. I decided that in reality I was not too busy and I would donate my blood as well. It makes me feel great to donate!