Volunteering with American Red Cross Blood Services
is a great way to give back to the community.

  It can also be great for you!
  • Resume builder Employers and/or colleges often look for well-rounded and active individuals with demonstrated leadership and team management skills.

  • The good feeling of knowing you’ve made a difference
    You can feel awesome about yourself knowing you have helped save lives. Each donor you help recruit can help save up to three people!

  • Leadership skills
    Organizing a recruitment team, engaging school leadership or campus organizations, and demonstrating your ability to lead the team to success is no small feat!

  • Event planning
    There are a lot of aspects to planning a blood drive, including logistics and marketing the event – a perfect opportunity to show off your inner event planner.

  • Community service
    Volunteering with the Red Cross shows you care and are willing to invest your energy in giving back to your community.
students volunteer with the American Red Cross

The key to a successful blood drive at your school is to
have plenty of volunteers.

  Volunteers are needed as:
  • Members of the recruitment committee:
    promote the blood drive and recruit blood donors before the drive.
  • Set-up and take-down volunteers:
    post signs around campus at the beginning of the event (and remove them at the end) and assist with any special set-up arrangements that may have been made for the drive.
  • Receptionist / Hosts:
    welcome donors, maintain donor sign-in sheet and/or an appointment log, call scheduled donors who do not show to remind them of their appointments.
  • Refreshment servers:
    serve food and drinks to donors after their donation, notify Red Cross staff if a donor needs help, thank donors for their donation and encourage them to make an appointment for an upcoming drive.
  • Student Supervisor:
    Makes sure the blood drive flows smoothly the day of the drive.
Note: Not all volunteer opportunities are the same at every blood drive. Check with your blood drive coordinator or Red Cross representative to see how you can help. See all volunteer opportunities in your area.