It's National Blood Donor Month!

National Blood Donor MonthEach January we celebrate you, our dedicated blood and platelet donors, during National Blood Donor Month. We couldn't carry out our lifesaving mission without you.

As an American Red Cross donor, you are part of a vital community of people committed to helping ensure a stable blood supply is available for those in need. Every day, over 21,000 people receive blood products from a Red Cross donor.

Watch as Molly shares her story of being a blood recipient who recently gave blood for the first-time. Bill, a long-time platelet donor, has donated over 85 gallons of blood products. See what a lifetime of donating means to Bill.

Why Molly Gives Back

Why I Give: Bill Waerzeggers

As a donor, you'll never know the lives that you have touched by donating, but be proud of your amazing efforts and know that they are greatly appreciated!