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Red Cross to implement blood drive changes

Baseball team and Red Cross celebrate winning partnership



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Red Cross to implement blood drive changes

This year the American Red Cross is implementing a series of changes and improvements at blood drives across the country.  As your next blood drive approaches, your Red Cross representative will explain the changes to the blood drive setup and process, including decreased wait times and a more inviting appearance designed to enhance the overall blood donation experience.  We've outlined several of the key differences below.  We hope that the improved experience makes your recruitment efforts easier and more efficient.

Some of the positive enhancements at your blood drive will include:

  • Clearly marked reception area and informational signage - It is important for your donors to read this information about donating blood.  We value their commitment and do not want them to spend unnecessary time waiting, so if any of the items listed apply to them, they should speak to a staff member before registering.
  • Donor name tags - We want to know your donors' names from the moment they walk into a blood drive.
  • Stickers to identify first time donors - These stickers will enable us to give first time donors extra attention throughout the process so they'll feel comfortable and will be happy to donate again.
  • High school donors - We have special considerations in place to keep our donors safe and to reduce reactions.
  • Less time to complete the blood donation process - Our drives are set up to allow donors to move from health history through the actual blood donation process as efficiently as possible.  Although waiting time in the reception area may appear a bit longer, the overall time to complete the registration process - from registration to refreshments - should decrease measurably.
  • More streamlined appearance - We have one waiting area at reception, where donors can relax and mingle.  You'll notice there is no longer a queue for the donation area, which reduces 'waiting anxiety' for donors prior to giving blood.
  • We want to hear from donors - Your donors may receive Donor Survey Cards at the blood drive.  We want to hear about how we do at each blood drive and will incorporate donor feedback so we can work to enhance the blood donation experience.

For more information on upcoming changes of if you have other questions, please feel free to contact your Red Cross representative.


PGE Park and the Portland Beavers baseball team have been loyal supporters of Red Cross Blood Services.

Baseball team and Red Cross celebrate winning partnership


Every summer, baseball fans and blood donors from the Pacific Northwest gather at the local Red Cross Donor Center in Portland, OR for the annual Celebrate Freedom blood drive.


As a partnership between PGE Park (home to the Portland Beavers Triple-A baseball team), and the American Red Cross, the Celebrate Freedom event is one-day blood drive that brings together those who are passionate about baseball and donating blood. This year’s entertainment included an appearance by the Rose City Clowns and special giveaways such as apple pies and discounted baseball tickets for presenting donors.


“We know summer is often the hardest time to collect blood.  We have worked closely with Red Cross going on seven years now to raise awareness and get people interested in giving blood,” said PGE Park Community Outreach Manager Sierra Smith.  “Our players frequently visit surrounding hospitals and get to interact with patients, many of whom have benefited from blood donation.”


There are many reasons why the Celebrate Freedom drive continues to grow year after year, but a lot of it comes down to planning between ballpark officials and Red Cross representatives.  Together, the parties talk about what improvements can be made from previous years, in addition to details such as when messages promoting the blood drive will be posted on the jumbotron or announced over the ballpark’s PA system.


The annual blood drive offers something unique for everyone including the chance to meet players or have pictures taken with the beloved Beavers mascot Lucky.  Many families and individuals have made the blood drive a yearly tradition that usually coincides with Independence Day. 


We’d like to extend our thanks to PGE Park and the Portland Beavers for being community sponsors and such loyal advocates of our Blood Services program.






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