National Volunteer Week: Donate Blood or Volunteer (April 21-27)

April 22, 2013

Be Extraordinary: Donate Blood or Volunteer

National Volunteer Week slated for April 21 through 27


Ordinary people can accomplish some extraordinary things when they volunteer. Individuals and organizations can seize the moment and share in honoring America’s volunteers this spring. 

This year’s National Volunteer Week is April 21 through 27. The theme “Celebrate Service” captures the meaning of what this week is about: honoring the millions of people who dedicate themselves to taking action and solving problems in their communities. National Volunteer Week is also an opportunity for volunteers to inspire and encourage others to seek out and participate in activities that cause a positive change in their communities

“Everywhere you look, you’ll find a story about ordinary people accomplishing extraordinary things through volunteer service, including blood donation,” said Tiffany Gradel, Communication and Marketing Manager for the Western Lake Erie Region of the American Red Cross. “And that’s cause for celebration.”

National Volunteer Week was established by President Richard Nixon in 1974, and continues to grow in scope through the support of all subsequent U.S. presidents and other elected officials.

At the Red Cross, volunteers constitute approximately 94 percent of the total work force needed to carry out the organization’s humanitarian mission. More than half a million people a year proudly call themselves American Red Cross volunteers.

“Volunteers show all of us that you can make a difference in today’s world,” said Gradel “We invite you to join the millions of people who help save the day by donating blood or giving of your time and talents through the American Red Cross.”