Young girl helping to raise awareness of the need for blood

April 12, 2013

At just 6 years of age, Lybie Young enjoys dance class, visits to the park and playing with her Barbie dolls.  Also in her short life, Lybie has received 10 blood transfusions to treat gastrointestinal bleeds. To help raise the awareness of the ongoing need for blood, Lybie’s dance studio, DMC Dance, will hold a blood drive in her honor.


“Anything we can do to make sure blood is available when it’s needed is important to us,” said Lybie’s mom, Susan Young. “Helping raise the awareness that blood must be donated for those who need it helps us feel like we are giving back and helping others.”


Lybie’s health struggles began at birth with the discovery that her liver was actually positioned externally. When Lybie was 2, she underwent surgery to reposition her liver. Unfortunately, enlarged esophageal blood vessels caused Lybie to have episodes of gastrointestinal bleeding in the years following. 


“I love all my students, but Lybie’s determination, despite her health challenges, touches my heart,” said Christy Johnson, DMC Dance owner and director. “We want to honor Lybie and let others know about the importance of donating blood.”


DMC Dance blood drive honoring Lybie Young

Wednesday, April 17, 3 to 7 p.m.

9110 Harmony Dr., Midwest City, Okla.


Blood collected at the blood drive in honor of Lybie Young may be used for heart surgery patients, organ transplant patients, premature babies, patients with complications during childbirth, and for patients receiving treatment for leukemia, cancer or other diseases, such as sickle cell disease.