Southern Oregon Red Cross Introduces Double Red Cell Technology

March 3, 2010

Roseburg, Oregon- The American Red Cross has launched a new way for Southern Oregon donors to give blood. The Red Cross donor center in Roseburg introduced Double Red Cell automated collection technology, which makes it possible for donors who meet certain criteria to give two units of red blood cells during one donation.

“This is an exciting time for us and we are thrilled to have this new technology in our area.” says Jim Barringer, Red Cross district manager. “We have great donors in Southern Oregon and I know those who can’t donate as often as they would like to will enjoy donating this way.”

Key Elements of Double Red Cell Donation:

Blood Type

The preferred blood types for Double Red Cell donation include: O negative, O positive, A negative, and B negative. This is because red cells from these types are in highest demand.

Special Criteria Assessed by a Red Cross Professional at the Blood Drive



Height Must be ≥ 5’1”

Height Must be ≥ 5’5”

Weight Must be  ≥ 130 lbs.

Weight Must be  ≥ 150 lbs.

≥ 40% blood iron or hematocrit level

≥ 40% blood iron or hematocrit level

Donation Interval

112 days/16 weeks

Donation Interval

112 days/16 weeks









Save Time

Donors with hectic schedules often find that Double Red Cell donation is ideal because it allows them to give twice as much blood in one visit, and their donations are scheduled further apart. For whole blood donors who normally donate 3 or fewer times per year, this is the ideal way to double their giving. With Double Red Cell donations, it allows donors to safely give more red cells in one visit and the entire process only takes about 20 minutes longer than a whole blood donation visit.

Feel Good

During Double Red Cell Donation, your platelets and plasma are returned to you, along with saline. Although you donate more red cells, you may feel more hydrated after your donation because of this fluid return. In addition to feeling good physically, donors also feel good about the opportunity to help hospital patients in need.

Trauma Essentials

Type O donors, whose blood is in high demand for treating trauma victims when there is no time to test for a patient’s blood type, are especially needed for participation in the new Double Red Cell program. A substantial percentage of all transfusions are conducted with Type O blood. 

Making an appointment

Because the opportunity to donate double red cells is more limited than regular whole blood donations and the correct blood type height and weight criteria must be met prior to donation, it is important to make an appointment for Double Red Cell donation. To schedule your appointment to donate call 1-800-RED CROSS or schedule an appointment online.