Rivals for Life – UO Ducks Win Civil War Game and Blood Drive Competition

December 10, 2010

American Red Cross - Civil War Blood Drive - Final Results


Oregon Ducks have a lot to celebrate this year. For the third time in nine years, University of Oregon fans and supporters have won the "Rivals for Life" statewide blood drive with a record number of participants. This win comes in addition to the Duck’s triumph against Oregon State University at the December 4, 2010 Civil War football game. With that win confirmed, the University of Oregon will compete for the first time for the Bowl Championship Series National Championship! Victories from both the Civil War game and blood drive give Duck fans a reason to cheer on and off the field.

 "Over the years, the Civil War blood drive has been a campaign that builds and builds and builds," said Daphne Mathew, Communications Manager at the Pacific Northwest Blood Services Region of the Red Cross.  

The annual American Red Cross blood drive, held this year between Nov. 4 and 20, invited students, friends, parents, alumni and other University of Oregon and Oregon State University supporters to donate blood in the name of their favorite school. Mathew said the event began in 2002 to boost scarce holiday blood donations. This year, a total of 8,385 participants registered during the Civil War blood drive – the largest Civil War campaign to date. Of those, 4,482 were for UO and 3,903 for OSU.

The Ducks won the first blood drive in 2002 because of a series of blood drives on campus. With the exception of this year’s victory and one other Ducks win in 2007, Beaver supporters have dominated the Civil War blood drive competition. (See www.civilwarblooddrive.com for more about the history of the event.)

The American Red Cross and Lane Memorial Blood Banks (LMBB) cooperate to hold University of Oregon campus blood drives in November. All blood drives at OSU are held by the American Red Cross.

“It is unusual for two blood banks to have a partnership that works so closely to promote blood donations. I am proud of the relationship we have,” said Sandi Lesh, Red Cross Community Relations Specialist and nine-year Civil War blood drive project lead.

The 2011 Civil War blood drive will be the tenth year of competition between fans. “With the growth of OSU and UO Campus Student Blood Drive Associations, the tenth annual Civil War Blood Drive should be the biggest yet as students take a more active role each year,” Lesh said. “This year saw increased participation and leadership at both schools.”

The real winners, Mathew said, are the many people who require blood during the holiday season, when more donors tend to be too busy, out of town or sometimes too ill to contribute.

Donations last year helped the Red Cross make it through the challenging winter months, Mathew said.

You can find a drive near you and make an appointment by calling 1-800-RED-CROSS or by scheduling an appointment online.


About the American Red Cross
The Red Cross provides nearly half of the nation’s blood supply (collecting more than six million units a year from volunteer donors) to patients in 3,000 hospitals around the country through its national network. Founded in 1949, the Pacific Northwest Regional Blood Services of the Red Cross strives to collect nearly 5,000 donations weekly to meet the needs of accident victims, cancer patients, and other ill or injured people who need transfusions. It serves more than 80 hospitals in Oregon, Washington and Alaska. Call 1-800-RED CROSS or schedule your appointment online or sponsor a blood drive