Thirteen-Year-Old Middle School Student Sponsoring Clayton Blood Drive on Dec. 1

December 4, 2009

Pay It Forward
Clayton Community Blood Drive

will be held at the Clayton YMCA 700 Gym Court. The drive will be held on December 1 from 2:30PM - 7:30PM


or call 1-800-RED CROSS (800-733-2767).

Teen is One of the Youngest Red Cross Blood Drive Sponsors in Northern California

In 1997, Molly Avilez, just 17 months old, lost more than 50 percent of her blood when her liver was severed in a car accident. She was flown to Children’s Hospital in Oakland and survived in part because of blood collected from volunteer donors. 

Today, Molly is a vibrant teenager. She attends Diablo View Middle School in Clayton, where she is a member of the leadership class. The class challenges students to give back to their community, and Molly knew immediately what she wanted to do – organize a blood drive with the Red Cross.

“My grandmother recently went in to donate blood, and I mainly want to do this because when I was a baby I took up a lot of blood,” Molly said. “My friends said ‘you can’t do it’, and I’m scared no one’s going to show up but I think it’s going to be a big hit.”

Molly organized the blood drive for December 1, without realizing her family had scheduled a vacation during that time. After finding out, Molly told her mom she couldn’t go on vacation with the rest of the family because the blood drive was important to her. Her family decided to change their plans and will begin their vacation on the day after Molly’s blood drive.

“At 13, she has this concept of her responsibility,” Monica Fraga, Molly’s mom, said. “I think that what has surprised me the most is how she has done everything (for the drive) on her own.”

Molly’s friends are helping her now, distributing blood drive flyers to fellow students to take home to their families. Molly plans to send an email to everyone she knows and shoot a video to put on YouTube.

“I’m getting to give back to the people who saved me. I get a rush when I talk to [Andy Zyla from the Red Cross] and [plan the blood drive]. I’m loving it so far. This is really important to me. I’ve never had anything this important to me.”