Donor Wins $1,000 Gift Card in National Drawing

June 26, 2013

When Northern California Region CEO Jeff Meyer called Gonzalo Alvarez to congratulate him on winning a $1,000 American Express gift card, he couldn’t believe it – literally.

“He sounded a little suspicious that it truly was the Red Cross calling, but he eventually realized it was legitimate and was very excited that he had won,” Meyer said.

Alvarez was one of only five donors across the nation to win the Summer of Stories – Memorial Day Promotion. Each received a $1,000 gift card.

The Hayward man began donating when his church hosted a blood drive back in 2009. “It gave me a sense that I could make a difference. Little acts of kindness can have a big impact when done by many people.”

Alvarez has continued to do his share to support the community blood supply – making a total of 14 donations since that first blood drive. His “winning” donation came on May 25 at the Newark Blood Donation Center and staff members were thrilled to hear the news.

“It’s great to see one of our donors win. Being such a small center, our donors don’t often win the drawings,” Team Supervisor Samantha Vong said. “We’re all really excited for him.”

When asked what he planned to do with the money, a smile spread across Alvarez’s face, “It will be a great opportunity to bless a couple of charitable organizations that I have wanted to help.”

His final thought on the matter – “giving is always better than receiving.”

Spoken like a dedicated blood donor.