Anniversary of Police Officer’s Shooting Reminds that Need for Blood is Constant

August 30, 2011


On August 27, 2010, Fremont Police Detective Todd Young, working as part of a southern Alameda County gang task force, was shot by an alleged gang member in Oakland. Young was rushed to Highland Hospital where he received more than 80 units of blood as part of the doctors’ efforts to keep him alive.

“I want to thank everyone who came out last year and donated blood in my honor. Because of those who donate blood, I was given a second chance at life,” Det. Young said. “If you are able to donate blood, I ask that you make an appointment to do so. People are in need of blood everyday for different reasons, and they deserve a second chance at life.”

Det. Young’s wife, Nicole, received a call from him as he was being wheeled into the emergency room. 

“August 27, 2011, marks the one year anniversary of my husband being shot while on duty in Oakland,” Nicole Young said. “While there was a blood shortage at this time last year, we were fortunate that there had been enough blood to help save Todd’s life. Had it not been for generous blood donors, Todd would not be with us today.”

After the shooting, the community pulled together and several blood drives were put on in honor of Det. Young. The blood collected from donors has helped save the lives of countless people in our community and beyond.

“I urge [everyone to] donate blood if [they] are able to, so other families like mine can have loved ones saved by [their] generous donations.” Nicole Young said. “It’s humbling that out of a tragedy, so much good can happen. Giving blood is giving someone else an opportunity to live.”

Det. Young is still working hard at his recovery. He goes to physical therapy daily along with rehab activities on his own. He is preparing for what he hopes will be his last surgery.

“It is a major surgery with a six- to eight-month recovery period, so we are working with the surgeons to see when the best possible time for this surgery will be,” Nicole Young said. “His goal is to return to work and to return to full duty. Time will tell if that is possible. It's been a long and hard year, but we are all focused on Todd's recovery.”

About the American Red Cross

The Northern California Blood Services Region of the Red Cross operates five blood donation centers and holds mobile blood drives throughout the Bay Area. The region supplies blood to 29 Bay Area hospitals, and must collect more than 300 pints of blood each day in order to meet hospital needs.