Winter Weather and Blood Donation Don’t Mix

February 13, 2012

Give Blood When Safe to Travel


Having enough blood to meet patient need is a delicate balance between supply and demand.  Unfortunately, winter weather often disrupts this balance.


While much of the Missouri-Illinois region has seen mild temperatures and generally favorable conditions this winter, inclement weather can still make an appearance.  Snow and ice has caused the cancellation of some area American Red Cross blood drives, and can make it difficult for donors to travel to a blood drive or donation center.  As a result, the Red Cross and the hospitals we serve may miss out on needed blood donations.


You can help meet the needs of local hospital patients by giving blood when it is safe to travel.


There is no substitute for human blood.  Blood is a perishable product.  Most donated Red blood cells must be used within 42 days and platelets within just five days.  Blood supplies must be replenished constantly.


The Red Cross urges donors to schedule and keep appointments to give blood and help keep blood supplies stable.  If it is safe for you to travel, and you are feeling well, please donate blood at one of the donation centers or blood drives listed below.


The American Red Cross is reporting lower donations than expected since the start of 2012.  O blood types are particularly low, but all blood types are needed.