Winter Weather and Blood Donation Don’t Mix

December 27, 2011

Beat Old Man Winter by Giving Blood When the Weather is Good


Having enough blood to meet patient need is a delicate balance between supply and demand.  Unfortunately, winter weather often disrupts this balance.


Please know that when winter weather hits, it forces the cancellation of numerous American Red Cross blood drives locally and across the country.


You can help meet the needs of local hospital patients by giving blood before winter weather strikes and as soon as safely possible after the storm.


It only takes about an hour to donate blood, and in that hour, you can unwrap a lifetime of memories for hospital patients in your community and across the country. The need for blood is constant and doesn’t pause for the holidays. By taking time to donate this winter, you can give the perfect gift to someone in need and help the Red Cross ensure a stable blood supply.


All blood types are needed to help maintain a sufficient blood supply, especially type O negative. Type O negative blood, the universal blood type, is always in high demand because it can be transfused to patients with any blood type, especially in emergency situations.


There is no substitute for human blood.  Blood is a perishable product.  Red blood cells last only 42 days and platelets just five days.  It must be replenished constantly.


Don’t let Old Man Winter keep you down, get out and do something good for yourself and your community – give blood with the Red Cross.


This holiday season, give something that means something with a donation to the Red Cross.  The Red Cross Holiday Giving Catalog has 25 symbolic gifts representing all Red Cross services that people can purchase in the name of a loved one during the holiday season.  Check out the catalog at