KMOV meteorologist donates at Red Cross drive

January 26, 2010
KMOV meteorologist Matt Chambers was kind enough to donate blood Jan. 25 at a drive held at American Legion Post 111 in Shewsbury, MO. Chambers was the second donor of the day, then stayed around to greet organizers and fellow donors
"I'm not a doctor. I'm not a nurse. I never will be, but donating blood offers the opportunity to help someone in critical need of lifesaving care," Chambers said. "Even more than that, unlike making a monetary donation to a charity, which is certainly a worthwhile endeavor, donate blood, in a very real and physical sense, is giving up a piece of yourself for the good of someone else. That's an opportunity you don't get everyday!"
Chambers, who grew up in St. Joseph and Kansas City, Mo., has been at KMOV, the CBS television affiliate in St. Louis, since April 2005.