Hop in the Pool this Summer, the Blood Donor Pool

June 4, 2012

Don’t Sweat it!  Giving Blood is as Easy as a Summer Breeze


Ah, summer is here!  With it comes vacation season and thoughts of lounging by the pool on hot and hazy afternoons.


While you’re relaxing by the pool enjoying the warm weather, take a moment to think about the people spending their summer inside a hospital.  Many of those patients will need blood to survive.


You can help by hopping in the pool, the blood donor pool.  Currently, only 38 percent of the United States population is eligible to donate blood.  Of those eligible donors, only about eight percent actually give blood.


Visit a Red Cross blood drive between now and July 31 and you’ll be eligible to win a Gibson guitar, courtesy of The Gibson Foundation.  The Red Cross will award multiple guitars and 50,000 guitar picks, co-branded with the Gibson and Red Cross logos, during this campaign.  In addition, you’ll receive a rock and roll themed t-shirt.


As a special incentive for our young donors, anyone aged 16-21 can enter to win a $5,000 scholarship!


Summer is a great time to become a blood or platelet donor or increase the number of times you give blood or platelets each year.  High school and college students, who account for 20 percent of all blood donations, are out of class and not as willing to give blood.  Regular donors are vacationing and either don’t have the time or forget to donate.


This summer, don’t sweat it.  Hop in the blood donor pool and help the American Red Cross save lives.  You can do so by scheduling an appointment at a Red Cross blood drive or donor center near you.