Every Season There is a Reason to Give Blood

November 1, 2011

Fall into the Habit of Donating Blood

If you’ve ever heard a plea for blood donations, you know the summer months are a difficult time for blood collection. There are no high school blood drives, families are vacationing and many people get out of the habit of giving blood.


Then there’s winter. Colds and flu make donors ineligible to give; snow and ice cause blood drive cancellations.  Spring? This past year everyone was still digging out of the snow.

In the fall American Red Cross high school and college blood drives are on again. Future generations of blood donors are in these schools. Getting them to donate on a regular basis will help ensure hospital shelves have adequate supplies of blood in years to come.  But the rest of the blood necessary to meet patient need currently must come from other donors.

If you are a regular blood donor, thank you. And continue to give. If you haven’t donated in awhile, consider falling into the habit. If you are considering donating for the first time, the entire process takes about an hour. Your blood donation may help save up to three lives.

Text givelife to 90999 to join the Red Cross Blood texting program.