Attention Radio Supporters: Summer Audio Public Service Announcements Now Available

May 17, 2010

With busy summer schedules and vacations, it can be challenging for even the most committed donors to find time to give blood. That’s why the American Red Cross is asking for your help to remind all interested and eligible donors that no matter what their plans, they can be a lifesaver this summer by donating blood or platelets.

The American Red Cross has two pre-recorded public service announcements available for your download and use through August 15, 2010. Both feature a simple, but powerful message – You can be a lifesaver this summer. Donate blood or platelets.

Please join the Red Cross in encouraging your listeners to make donating blood or platelets part of their summer plans by incorporating either of the pre-recorded messages into your summer rotation.

The need is constant. The gratification is instant. Give blood.