Ultimate Couch Potato Giveaway Winners Announced

February 3, 2010
The American Red Cross Lewis and Clark Blood Service Region organized a special “couch potato” promotion to encourage people in Idaho, Montana and Utah to not give up on donating blood as a New Year’s resolution in 2010.
To encourage donations, from January 1331, all presenting donors at Red Cross blood drives in the three-state Lewis and Clark Blood Region were eligible to enter a drawing to win a 42-inch plasma television and $100 Wal-mart gift certificate. 
The drawings were held on Monday, February 1 and the winners are:
David Wichman from Hobson won the Couch Potato drawing in Montana.  David is a long-time, committed blood donor who will receive his four-gallon pin with his next donation.  When David received the call, he hopped in his truck and drove the 70 miles to pick up the TV and gift card in Great Falls.  David began donating when he was a graduate student at MSU in Bozeman nearly 30 years ago.  He donates in Hobson or Stanford, Montana as often as time will allow.  David said that he and his wife are both loyal American Red Cross blood donors.   

Tom Worthen, winner of a 42-inch plasma TV, and his wife Gaylen; son, Connor; and daughter, Annie

In Utah the winner of the 42-inch plasma television set was Tom Worthen from Smithfield, Utah, about 100 miles north of Salt Lake City. He picked up his TV set from the Salt Lake Donor Center when he came to Salt Lake City on Wednesday, February 3 to take his daughter to Shriner’s Hospital for an appointment. Tom said he donates about once a year at Utah State University campus blood drives. He is motivated to donate, he said, because his father died of cancer and had many transfusions during his cancer treatments.

The Idaho winner is Jeanette Ross, an apheresis donor since 2007. Jeanette had been donating blood when she found out the importance of her blood type for platelet donation and she has been donating platelets ever since at the Boise Donor Center. She said she had almost forgotten she filled out an entry form when she came in to give platelets. Last week Red Cross staff told her she had won the drawing and then she asked if she won the TV or the gift card, and the staff told her the promotion included the TV AND a gift card. This is only the second thing Jeanette has won in her entire life. When she was 8, she won a honey bear and said she never thought she would win anything more exciting, but this definitely topped the honey bear. Jeanette was hoping to get a new TV for her husband for his birthday in March because their current TV is on its last legs. She said she isn’t going to hide it until his birthday because it’s too big to hide, and the big game is on Sunday. 
The need for blood is constant. Every two seconds someone in the United States needs blood. The Red Cross strives to collect about 4,250 units of blood in the Lewis and Clark region each week to meet the need. 
To donate blood, individuals who are 17 years of age (16 with parental permission in some states), weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school students and other donors 18 years and younger also have to meet certain height and weight requirements. You must not have donated whole blood in the last eight weeks (56 days), or double red cells in the last 16 weeks (112 days). Individuals unable to donate blood can still make a contribution by organizing a Red Cross blood drive or assisting as a volunteer.