American Red Cross Great Lakes Employees Return to Work

June 20, 2012

The American Red Cross is pleased to announce that Great Lakes Blood Services employees represented by Teamsters Local 580 and OPEIU Local 459 will be returning to work. The parties have not yet reached new contracts, but will continue to work toward mutually satisfactory resolutions. These unions represent approximately 150 blood collection operation employees who went on strike beginning March 30.  


We look forward to our valued colleagues returning to work and together returning our full attention on ensuring a sufficient blood supply for the hospitals and patients we serve. This gradual process will begin on June 21 with some refresher courses for our staff to complete before they go back out on blood drive operations.


The Red Cross has reached 23 contract agreements with local labor unions since last summer and believes contracts should be reached here as well. In fact, the most recent contract settlement occurred just this week with a local labor union in the Northern Ohio Blood Services Region. This agreement demonstrates our commitment to reaching successful conclusions to all of our negotiations.