Spring Into Action. Donate Blood!

March 28, 2013


Although few things compare to tropical sunshine and warm weather, we hear time and again about the good feeling people get when they help save a life by donating blood or platelets through the American Red Cross. All of our blood products come from our generous volunteers. Their purpose? Wanting to help others.

Every day of every week, people need blood. Whether for emergencies or ongoing medical care, it’s a need that doesn’t take a break, although you might be planning to take one. By donating blood, you can keep our supply strong, especially as the weather turns warmer and the demand for blood and blood products may rise with an increase in outdoor activity.

By choosing to donate blood or platelets, you can help save the lives of about 1 out of 10 hospital patients who require blood for emergency or ongoing medical care. And when you donate through the Red Cross, you’ll join about 3.5 million blood donors nationwide in a lifesaving cause. So before you embark on your spring break adventure, remember that April is a perfect time to donate. As the earth comes alive again, it’s a good reminder that you too can help a cancer patient, a sick child, and others, stay alive by giving blood.

Spring into action this month; try to change your routine. Make it a habit to donate blood. Click here to schedule your appointment today.