Nine American Red Cross Blood Services employees recognized for excellence in the workplace

November 18, 2013

American Red Cross, Greater Alleghenies Blood Services Region and Johnstown Manufacturing, have announced their 2013 Employee Excellence and Spirit of Excellence Awardees.

This year, nine Greater Alleghenies Region employees – eight based in Johnstown, one in Parkersburg, W. Va.. – were recognized.

Each year, the Red Cross seeks nominations from its employees to recognize co-workers respected for their superior job performance, dedication and commitment. The local region’s volunteer board of directors reviews nominations and recommends local recognition given.


Three employees received the Greater Alleghenies Region’s local (Level I) Employee Excellence Awards:

Mark Dowdell, General Maintenance Tech II, Johnstown, Pa. A 10-year employee, Mark Dowdell was responsible for setting up training rooms for the region’s recent training on new blood manufacturing procedures and software. His suggestions, creativity and solid judgment supported instructors and the training environment. During his Red Cross career he has proven himself in various roles as a Certified Instructor and as a Lead Technician in the Component Lab and is his departments representative on the local Safety Committee. 


Jodi Ellis, Manager, Mobile Collections, Johnstown, Pa. Ellis, who joined the Red Cross in 2004, is her department’s lead for procedural and regulatory questions and supervises staff who process departmental problems, customer concerns and produce staff performance reports. She is a certified instructor and in this role has supported training on new procedures and software in several Red Cross regions. She effectively manages departmental problems, corrective action plans and effectiveness checks. Ellis has also recently assumed responsibility for the region’s double red cell collection program, reviewing the blood drive schedule for deployment opportunities, analyzing results and mentoring staff.


Megan Manges, Technologist II and Lead Technician, Manufacturing, Johnstown, Pa. During the past year, this nine-year employee has voluntarily assumed additional responsibilities, including serving as her department’s representative on the local Safety Committee. Manges was also selected Quality Control Monitoring Coordinator for the local manufacturing zone, which requires her to monitor platelet apheresis sampling and testing for four Red Cross blood regions, regions based in Baltimore, Philadelphia, Roanoke and Johnstown.


Nominations for these honorees were review by the management team of the Great Lakes Division, which comprises eight Red Cross blood regions, including Greater Alleghenies.

Jodi Ellis was selected a Level II Employee Excellence Awardee.


Six employees received the region’s Spirit of Excellence award:

Wendy Baxter, Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) Technologist III, Johnstown, Pa. A 23-year employee, Baxter is responsible for testing patient samples for serological evaluation, testing donor samples and also is a trainer in the IRL. During the past year, Baxter volunteered to serve as interim IRL supervisor during a vacancy, until the new supervisor was appointed, then assisted in the supervisory transition. She continuously goes above and beyond in her performance.



Evelyn Hart, Donor Resources Manager, Johnstown, Pa. Hart, employed by the Red Cross since 2005, has excelled in several managerial positions within Donor Recruitment, including telerecruitment and training. She has assisted in covering vacant recruitment territories. During the Great Lake Division’s annual Rep Rally this summer, Hart also received the region’s GEM Award in recognition of additional responsibilities she assumed during the year.




Martha Jacobson, Team Supervisor, Mobile Collections, Parkersburg, W. Va. A 22-year employee, Jacobson also oversees operations at the region’s Parkersburg, W. Va., staffing and dispatch location, which requires additional training and responsibilities, including facilities management, warehousing and donor recruitment. She is the first to volunteer to fill in for staff call-offs. She also makes numerous presentations to civic groups.



Autumn Moore, Donor Resources Manager, Johnstown, Pa. Moore joined the Red Cross in February 2012 as a donor recruitment field representative and was appointed manager in October 2012. As field representative, Moore assumed responsibility for an under-performing territory and recruited several new sponsors and increased blood drive productivity. As manager, she has spearheaded creative promotions and community partnerships. She also serves on the region’s Cultural Diversity Committee.



Denise Petrosky, Team Supervisor, Apheresis Collections, Johnstown, Pa. A 26-year employee, Petrosky supervises apheresis collections staff in Johnstown and also routinely travels to Harrisburg to support stage IV prostate cancer patients receiving Provenge, a potentially life-extending treatment. Her compassion toward patients and their families has been recognized by physicians’ office staff and external auditors.




Nancy Rigel, Executive Assistant, Manufacturing, Johnstown, Pa. Rigel, who joined the Red Cross in 1998, was responsible for managing all of the training materials supporting staff training in new manufacturing procedures and software, in addition to her ongoing responsibilities. Instructors from other Red Cross blood regions complimented Rigel on how well she organized training materials, which supported both instructors and students.