Donate Your Vehicle to the American Red Cross

November 18, 2011



The American Red Cross Chesapeake Region counts on its vehicle donation program to help keep its own emergency response vehicles on the road to provide relief in disasters ranging from local house fires to large-scale emergencies such as Hurricane Irene and last fall’s devastating tornado in Baltimore.

“Unlike other charities, we don’t have a budget to advertise the fact that Red Cross accepts everything on wheels—cars, motorcycles, RVs or boats on trailers,” says Executive Director Frank Miller.  “But, we count on these tax-deductible donations to help us provide food, clothing, shelter, and household necessities that local disaster victims need to get back on their feet.”

The American Red Cross responds to at least three disasters daily in the Chesapeake Region and accepts donated vehicles daily.  As the end of the year approaches, vehicle-owners in our community are asked to consider the possible tax deduction they’ll receive from their vehicle’s selling price and the good feeling they’ll get from helping their Red Cross.

To donate your vehicle, visit WWW.CARS4REDCROSS.COM or call 1-800-737-0265.