Celebrating People in Action - Volunteer Week 2010

April 20, 2010

Phillip Brownlee
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Dear Wichitans:


Celebrating People in Action


What do we call people that with willing hearts give to their community week after week, year after year, expecting nothing in return? At the American Red Cross, we call them volunteers.


At the American Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter and American Red Cross Blood Services – Central Plains Region, more than 12,000 volunteers (4,475 Chapter and 3,500 Blood Services) experience the satisfaction of helping others on a regular basis. These volunteers truly understand that Margaret Mead was right when she said, “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world.”


Red Cross volunteers save the day. They provide a place to stay and emotional support when their neighbors are faced with a home fire or other disaster. They teach lifesaving, safety courses such as first aid, CPR, babysitting and care giving. Volunteers connect military families, work at blood drives and deliver life-saving blood for hospital patients every day. In general, Red Cross volunteers take the actions needed to provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.


April 18 to 24, is National Volunteer Week, a time to recognize the selfless gifts of time, money and blood the Red Cross has received from the citizens of Wichita and throughout Kansas. Thank you. Without your gifts we could not fulfill the Red Cross mission of service.


National Volunteer Week is also a time to invite you to join us. If you are not a volunteer, give the Red Cross a try. Red Crossers are people who are trained to perform extraordinary acts in the face of emergencies. Right now, we especially need people who would like to work in the blood center, become in-town drivers or would like to train to help people in disaster situations.


To learn more about becoming a volunteer, contact Judy Smith (Blood Services) at 316-268-0812 or Lois Bohanon (Chapter) 316-219-4090. Or call 316-268-0835 to schedule an appointment to donate blood.




Bob Crawford
Chairman of the Board

American Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter


Steve Frese

Chairman of the Board

American Red Cross Blood Services – Central Plains Region