Type O-negative blood needed now

June 14, 2010

Type O-negative blood needed now. 
Red Cross urging public to give blood during trauma season.

The supply of type O-negative blood at the American Red Cross has dropped in recent days, as summer trauma season has arrived.  Locally in Central Ohio, approximately 100 pints of O-negative blood are used daily for patients.  Type O-negative blood is always in high demand because it is considered the universal type, and it can be transfused to patients with any blood type, especially in emergency situations.  Individuals with type O-negative blood are needed now to help prevent the fragile type O-negative blood supply from reaching a crisis level.

“While all blood types are needed on an ongoing basis, especially during the critical summer months, we urge those who know they are type O-negative to make and keep appointments to give blood this summer,” said Rodney Wilson, communications manager of the American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services Region.  “Your donation could give new life to someone’s child, mother, brother, or friend.  When you come to give, you help make medical treatments possible.”  

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood. The Central Ohio Blood Services Region of the Red Cross provides lifesaving blood to 41 area hospitals and must have 650 people come to give blood and platelets each day to meet the needs of patients.  Accident victims as well as patients with cancer, sickle cell disease, blood disorders and other illnesses receive lifesaving transfusions every day. There is no substitute for blood and volunteer donors are the only source.

Cool summer incentive to give bloodIn Central Ohio there is an extra incentive to give blood.  Everyone who comes to give in June can enter to win a $1,000 summer essentials shopping spree from Lowe’s, plus weekly drawings for $100 Lowe’s gift cards.  Weekly winners drawn so far include donors from Groveport, Marion, Columbus, and Grove City.

For more information or to locate a nearby blood drive and make an appointment to give, please call 1-800-RED CROSS or visit redcrossblood.org.


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