Third annual Ohio Corrections Blood Drive Challenge a success!

December 5, 2011

More than 1,000 blood donations were made by employees

in the corrections community across the state of Ohio recently

in the third annual state corrections blood challenge. 


Corrections facilities across the state of Ohio teamed up to fight summer blood shortages in a friendly competition to see which site could bring in the most blood donations, as well as which corrections region could donate the most. 

This Ohio Corrections Blood Drive Challenge was a state-wide summer blood donor partnership with the American Red Cross blood program from July 1 through Sept. 30, 2011.   The goal was to increase the supply of blood available to local patients during the critical summer trauma season. 

Across the state of Ohio from July through September, 47 corrections blood drives were held, with a total of 1,064 blood donations being given.  Plus, 132 donations came from first time blood donors. 

The top hosting site, which had 20.5% employee participation, was Toledo Correctional, in the North Corrections Region.  The runner up was Hocking Correctional in the South Corrections Region with 15.5% employee participation. 

The top corrections Region was the South Region, which brought in more total donations than the North Region. 

This year the Corrections Blood Drive Challenge grew in every measure including more blood drives, more donations, and more first time donors.  Because each donation can be separated into three parts and go to different patients, The 2011 Ohio Corrections Blood Drive Challenge has potentially saved the lives of 3,192 patients. 

This summer-long and state-wide competition involved the corrections community in the state of Ohio that hosted a blood drive to contribute to the overall blood collection goal for the challenge.  

Corrections professionals have a strong sense of duty, honor, and patriotism and are often looking for additional ways to help their community. This program provided an opportunity for corrections professionals to make a positive impact during the critical summer trauma season.

In total, since the challenge began in 2009, the Corrections Community in Ohio has given 3,165 blood donations, potentially impacting the lives of 9,495 patients across Ohio.


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