Take a break, help save a life

April 2, 2012

American Red Cross encourages blood donations for spring break


Although your sights may be set on warmer locales for spring break, you can bring sunshine and warmth to your life by simply volunteering to give blood or platelets through the American Red Cross.

“We know few things compare to a burst of sunshine after winter,” said Rodney Wilson, communications manager for the American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services Region. “But we hear again and again about the good feeling people get when they realize they can help save a life by donating blood.”

Every day of every week, people need blood for emergency and ongoing medical care. It’s a need, Red Cross officials say, that doesn’t take a break, despite the season. About 44,000 blood donations are needed daily by hospital patients undergoing treatment for serious diseases like cancer and sickle cell, for surgery, and for trauma and burn care.

The challenge, according to the Red Cross, is that while blood needs are constant, blood donors sometimes take a break. Blood donors who would otherwise give may wait until later to make an appointment. Popular donation sites like schools, colleges and universities also typically avoid scheduling blood drives during spring break times, which can further erode blood donation opportunities. The Red Cross depends on student-age blood donors for about 20 percent of the community blood supply.

“Collecting blood from volunteer donors isn’t something that can be put on hold or caught up on later since the need for blood is constant,” said Wilson. “We’d like everyone who can to consider donating blood now or in the next few weeks to celebrate spring. It could be a great way to renew yourself, and to bring the gift of life to someone in need.”

To find a blood donation opportunity, call 1-800-RED CROSS or click the appointment button above to search.