One year after the need for blood, Newell family thankful for donors

July 16, 2013

Blood donors help save lives.

Wendy’s story

Giving birth can bring much joy, especially giving birth to twins. Sometimes, though, a joyous birth can bring unexpected complications.

Wendy Newell needed a caesarian section to deliver her twins at 36 weeks on August 13, 2012 due to high blood pressure. After the delivery, Wendy still had high blood pressure and was given medication to help reduce it along with several other medications.

Wendy was able to go home, but she experienced a serious allergic reaction to one of the medications, causing ulcers and bleeding in her lower gastrointestinal tract. The blood pressure medication combined with bleeding caused a vasovagal response. As a result, Wendy collapsed.

Wendy’s husband, Justin, rushed her to the ER.  She spent four days in the Intensive Care Unit where she received six units of blood.  Wendy continued having drops in her blood pressure and collapsed several more times in the hospital. During her stay in the hospital, she continued to pump breast milk for her newborn children that her husband shuttled home to them.  After a successful colonoscopy, she recovered and was released from the hospital.

“Know that what you do helps people.  It is as simple as that,” Justin said about those who donate blood. “You help save lives like my wife’s.  Without donations, my children would not have a mother.”

Now, Wendy has fully recovered and stays at home with her twins, Delaney Margaret and Keaton Patrick. She enjoys the sunshine and sports, and her children enjoy anything that blinks or rattles.

“I had donated before, but never on a regular basis. It was always a time when I happened to pass by a sign or notice that there was a [blood drive] nearby,” Justin said in reflection of his own blood donation experiences. “After a week, Wendy received six units of blood and I realized the importance those people had in donating. Through their courage, my children now have a mother to grow up with. Through my courage, I hope I can provide other children with their mother or father.”


Why do new mothers need blood?
Complications during a delivery can sometimes cause the new mother to bleed internally.  The situation can lead to other medical concerns as well.  The loss of blood can result in death if blood is not available for transfusion. 

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