The need for blood doesn’t take a spring break

March 29, 2010

 As the weather warms, people are enjoying the sunshine and outdoor activities, which makes it easy to forget that the need for blood is constant.  Unfortunately, the need for blood doesn’t take a spring break, like so many people often do. 


“Spring is often viewed as a time of new life,” said Rodney Wilson, communications manager for the Central Ohio Blood Services Region of the American Red Cross.  “What better way to celebrate a season of life than by giving the gift of life?”


Blood donations typically begin to decline as temperatures rise.  Already this spring the Red Cross has seen a decrease in donations, receiving 5 to 10 percent below the daily need.  Holiday periods also generally see a decrease in donations, and with Easter just around the corner, the Red Cross wants to invite the public to be holiday heroes by giving blood now.


Ohio resident Barbara Barth coordinates an Easter blood drive with her church in honor of her grandfather who needed approximately 125 blood transfusions throughout his life due to a blood disorder.  She gives blood regularly to pay back all the donors who helped make her grandfather’s treatments possible, and encourages others to give as well.  “As a blood donor, you make such a difference in people’s lives,” Barth said. 


Blood transfusions make much of modern treatments and procedures possible.  Patients who have been in traumatic injuries, are being treated for blood disorders or cancer, or even those need routine surgeries often require blood products for their treatments to be possible. 


“Every day in Central Ohio approximately 650 blood donors are required to keep up with the needs of patients at area hospitals,” said Wilson.  “For those who have never given blood before, spring is the perfect time to start giving life.” 


Those interested in learning more about blood donation, or in making an appointment donate can contact the American Red Cross at 1-800-RED CROSS or