Thank You Recovery 2011 Blood Drive Sponsors

April 11, 2011

The American Red Cross extends a sincere thank you to blood drive sponsors who helped the nation’s blood supply recover after thousands of drives were cancelled across the U.S. due to this winter’s severe weather.  Donors throughout America contributed nearly 125,000 units of blood when they were urgently needed. 

In Arizona, the donor groups listed below exceeded their blood donation goals by 10 percent or more during the Recovery 2011 campaign period.  Collectively, they contributed 561 units of blood to Arizona’s blood supply between February 8 and March 5. 

Coatimundi Middle School
Desert View High School
Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Hope Chapel
Fairfax High School
Grand Canyon University
JITC Fort Huachuca
Mesa Community College
Northern Arizona University Student Nursing
St. Rita In the Desert Church
Tucson Estates

On behalf of the patients whose lives were touched – thank you.