Public Response Has Met Immediate Need For Blood Donations

January 9, 2011

Tucson's generous blood donors are responding en masse today at American Red Cross donation sites, and many are waiting several hours to give blood. Thanks to the turnout, the Red Cross wishes to advise the public that the immediate need for blood donations has passed.  

"The community response today has been overwhelming," according to Darrin Greenlee, CEO of American Red Cross Blood Services. "The shooting victims' immediate blood needs have been met, we were able to provide blood to the hospitals where the shooting victims are being treated, and the community blood supply remains adequate for other emergency and routine patient needs."
However, in the days and weeks ahead, the Red Cross will need to replenish the blood that was used by the victims of Saturday's shooting in Tucson. "Replenishing the blood that was used and rebuilding the community blood supply is a longer process which can take several days or weeks," advises Greenlee. "We will need donors steadily later this week and for the next several weeks, and we encourage people to make appointments to minimize their waiting time at the donation center." 
Because the Red Cross supplied type O blood to the local hospitals, that blood type is needed to restock the local blood bank. Donors with type O positive or type O negative blood are encouraged to make appointments to give blood in the days and weeks ahead. 
Interested donors can find information about eligibility, and a convenient donation location to schedule an appointment for later in the week. Beginning at 8:00 AM Monday morning, interested persons can call 1-800-RED CROSS to find a donation location and schedule an appointment.