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September 22, 2009
Summer Giveaway
Summer Weekend Getaway WINNERS 
Week 1 Winner: Anne - Lynchburg, Virginia
Week 2 Winner: Clay - Glade Hill, Virginia
Week 3 Winner: Carl - Indpendence, Virginia
Week 4 Winner: Anne - Roanoke, Virginia
Week 5 Winner: Carl - Linside, West Virginia
Week 6 Winner: Kenneth - Bluefield, West Virginia
Week 7 Winner: Patti - Forest, Virginia
Week 8 Winner: Linda - Roanoke, Virginia
Week 9 Winner: Teresa - Hillsville, Virginia
Week 10 Winner: Vickie - Hillsville, Virginia
Week 11 Winner: Toy - Forest, Virginia
Week 12 Winner: William - Roanoke, Virginia
Week 13 Winner: Percy - Fincastle, Virginia
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