The Kelleys' Story

One beautiful autumn day in Alabama, Fred Kelley drove across town. Fortunately, he decided to take what turned out to be a very lucky shortcut. He caught sight of an American Red Cross bloodmobile beneath an old oak tree, and parked nearby. 
True to form, this Red Cross blood drive was a busy community event. Fred spotted a friend at the registration table and went over to say hello. As he and his pal chatted, Teresa Hayles walked up and asked if Fred was using an empty chair nearby.
Fred told her he didn’t need the chair. After he learned she wasn’t married, he said, “I would love to take you to dinner.” When he recently recounted the story, he added, “Who knows why I said that?”
Teresa declined, but later agreed to have lunch. Fred found out Teresa was a registered nurse and a former EMT. In addition, she’d been giving blood for more than 30 years. One year after the lunch that became a first date, the two were wed under that same old oak tree.
“At our wedding we borrowed a ‘Blood Drive This Way’ sign,” said Fred. “The sign proudly pointed the way to our wedding spot. None of our guests could understand why in the world anyone would use a blood drive sign to point the way to a wedding. We knew.”
According to Fred, “You see, people that give blood are just good people, so I knew Teresa was a good person with a good heart because she was doing her part to help others by donating blood.”
Teresa shared, “We use blood all the time at the hospital…I know the importance of giving blood from being an emergency medical technician. When that ambulance rolled, we relied on having a good blood supply. Many times it was a matter of life or death. That is why we give blood. It’s just the right thing to do.”
We certainly can't guarantee you'll fall in love when you donate blood! But donors often say that they love the good feeling they get from contributing to health and healing. If Fred and Teresa inspire you, make an appointment now to give more life.


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