Mahogany Thomas

Mahogany B. Thomas, Board Member 2013-2016

Southern California Region

Mahogany Thomas, A United States District Court Probation Office: U.S. Probation Officer, has served as the Chairman and Blood Drive Coordinator for the Battle of Badges Blood Drive since the program’s inception seven years ago.

The Battle of the Badges Blood Drive Program began in 2007 as an opportunity for Southern California’s badge carrying personnel to positively impact our community by competing in a friendly blood drive competition.  The program has grown extraordinarily into what has become the nation’s largest and most successful law-enforcement blood drive effort. 

Officer Thomas says it’s interesting to see “big, tough guys” who put their lives on the line everyday “be afraid of a little needle. But they still show up every year knowing that one donation can save up to three lives and that’s what makes it so rewarding.”