Artist Jorge Umanzor

Jorge Umanzor

Gallery Showing: May 6 - July 1, 2011

Artist's Bio

My interest and love for photography started long ago back in my country of origin, El Salvador, in Central America. I was hired by the government to work with the Department of Educational TV. I was assigned to travel up and down every place in El Salvador to take pictures of colonial style buildings (mainly catholic churches). This collection of photos was shown in the National Museum of History. This assignment gave me the opportunity to practice, learn, and get familiar with all kinds and formats of photographic equipment, and also gave me the chance of shooting different interesting things, places, people, traditions, which in time allowed me to have three more photo shows before I moved to the United States. 

Artist's Statement

“Photography is interesting, entertaining and sometimes challenging. You have to look at whatever you want to shoot before you aim with the camera and before you look through the viewfinder. Are all the elements in balance? Do you need to zoom in or zoom out? Would it be better if you changed the angle?

Other times there is no such thing as waiting and analyzing, you have to aim and shoot, otherwise you will not be able to capture the moving object, the flying bird, or the running creature in your photo.

Photography sometimes gives you the opportunity to experiment with the different elements: light, colors, shades, shapes, background, foreground. Then you have to ask yourself if the final product is going to be not only beautiful but interesting.”   



Jorge Umanzor