Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region - Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in helping your local Red Cross. You are invited to participate with us as we collect blood products to meet the needs of our community.

Blood Service Volunteer

Blood Service Volunteers help to ensure every blood donor has a positive experience so they will return to save another life.  In this role you are an essential blood drive team member.  Volunteers must be at least 15  years of age. Click here for more information.


Transportation Specialist

Every 2 seconds someone in the United States needs blood.  Transportation Specialists transport life-saving blood from local blood drives to the Red Cross center in Philadelphia for testing and processing.  Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age.  Click here for more information.


Office Assistant

Office assistants support departments as they work to provide life-saving blood to hospital patients. You’ll partner with paid staff on vital office projects such as: data entry, correspondence, preparing packets, filing and more. Share and develop your professional skills as you help others!  Click here for more information.


Blood Service Volunteer Trainer

Blood Service Volunteer trainers help to ensure high school and other episodic volunteers are ready and able to serve at their blood drive.  You’ll partner with the Volunteer Administration staff to train students, corporate employees and individuals from community organizations.  This opportunity is great for anyone who is a current or former teacher or a corporate trainer!  Click here for more information.


Hispanic Outreach Ambassador

Community Outreach Specialists are the face of the Red Cross at fairs, festivals and community events in the Hispanic/Latino communities.  In this vital role you will educate the public about Red Cross programs, blood donation and volunteering.  Every connection these volunteers build may save up to 3 lives.  Click here for more information.

Sickle Cell Ambassador

Sickle Cell Ambassador help educate the public and potential donors about Sickle Cell disease and the sickle cell cooperative program.  You will partner closely with the Sickle Cell Program Manager to attend fairs, church services and other community events.  Click here for more information.


Team Leader/Scheduler

Team Leader/Scheduler volunteers work behind the scenes to help ensure blood drives and transportation pick ups are staffed by volunteers assigned to their respective team.  Team Leaders/Schedulers work closely with volunteer managers and perform most of their duties from home via the phone and internet.  Click here for more information.


Don't see an opportunity that interests you?

There are other ways to get involved:

  • Send us an inquiry form and tell us about your skills and interests.  Many times volunteer opportunities are developed with a specific individual’s skills or talents in mind.  Even if we aren’t able to find an opportunity within the organization, we can make referrals to other community groups that also work with volunteers.
  • Join us on Facebook and help spread the word about upcoming blood drives and volunteer opportunities to your friends and family.