Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region License and Certificate Numbers

Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region

Licenses, certificates and permits are renewed annually or upon expiration.  For additional information about licenses and accreditation, see the documents listed below or contact the Penn-Jersey Region Quality Assurance department at (215) 451-4037.

The American Red Cross Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region (ARC) is licensed and accredited by various regulatory and voluntary, peer-review organizations.  The specific actions and regulatory responsibilities of the ARC and its customers are detailed in the terms and conditions of the service Agreement (contract) for products and services.  This information is provided as a resource that may be referenced when performing or evaluating vendor/supplier qualifications.

Documents available include:
  • Quality Packet Overview
  1. Customer Quality Memorandum
  2. Overview of Red Cross Quality Policy
  3. Listing of Red Cross Quality Control Standards