2012-2013 Annual Penn-Jersey High School Scholarship Winners

The American Red Cross Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region is pleased to announce the tenth annual essay competition. There will be one top winner in Pennsylvania and New Jersey whose residence is within the jurisdiction of the Penn-Jersey Blood Services Region.

The students whose essays are judged the winning entries will each receive a scholarship for $2,500. The winners will be invited to attend the American Red Cross Penn-Jersey Region Annual Meeting on June 20, 2013 to receive the award.


Essay Topic

High school students are enthusiastic blood donors. 13% of the blood donated last year in the Penn Jersey region came from our high school student program. Upon graduation, students often stop giving blood, or don’t donate blood as frequently.

This year’s essay question:
 "Why is it important to begin giving blood as a high school student opposed to later in life and what will you do / did you do to encourage your fellow classmates to donate?"


Applicants to the 2012-2013 High School Scholarship Essay Competition must:

Be a graduating high school senior in good academic standing with a school that sponsors a blood drive with the American Red Cross, Penn-Jersey Region  (Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery or Philadelphia Counties or the State of New Jersey).

You must participate in your schools blood drive during your senior year of high school.

High school students of American Red Cross employees or students who serve on the Penn-Jersey Region Board of Directors are not eligible to participate in the essay competition.

2012-2013 NJ Scholarship Winner 

Arthur P. Schalick High School
“When young adults successfully donate blood and have a good experience, the myths surrounding blood donation are eliminated and donating blood can become a positive habit and a priceless way to contribute to others’ lives.  The younger an eligible donator is when they begin to donate blood, the more often they will be able to be a positive ambassador to their peers and other individuals in their lives, encouraging other with their experiences and personal knowledge…They are able to help a stranger live by participating in a relatively painless and easy process, changing lives for the better without sacrificing much themselves.”

2012-2013 PA Scholarship Winner 

Kennett High School
“At first glance, a single drop of blood is seemingly insignificant in the vast expanse of the human body.  However, upon closer inspection, the role of blood in the maintenance of life is unparalleled.  A single drop of this fluid connect every major tissue in the human body.  Similarly, high school students connect a multitude of people within a community….Much like blood is a nexus between all parts of the body, high school students are nexuses between a vast network of people…In the grand scheme of things, I may represent one drop of blood.  But, as a high school student, I have the connections necessary to fill countless bags with life-saving blood…One blood donor is powerful, but a matrix of donors built through a high school student’s social network has the power to save countess lives…”