Red Cross Rewards


All presenting donors at our Fort Wayne, Lutheran Hospital, Goshen and Merrillville donor centers have a special opportunity to join Red Cross Rewards. We recognize that you spend valuable time donating and want to thank you. By joining Red Cross Rewards, you gain the opportunity to choose from a variety of gifts for giving the gift of life by donating blood.


How will I receive points?

• When you join Red Cross Rewards, you will receive a membership card, which you should bring each time you donate at any of the four donor room locations (Fort Wayne, Lutheran Hospital, Goshen or Merrillville).

• When you go through your health history, the collections staff will initial and date your card to give you credit for that day’s donation. If you give a double-red cell donation, you will receive two points for your blood donation. Please retain this card until you have the points to receive the gift of your choice.

• There will be times throughout the year such as holidays or special promotions when you can earn bonus points. You will be notified of these times by phone when a staff member calls to schedule your next appointment.


How will I order my gift?

• Each donor center will have a catalog of gifts for you to view.

• When you’re ready to trade your card for a gift, fill out an order form, place your card in the envelope and drop the envelope in the Red Cross Rewards box.

• Please allow 4-6 weeks for the item to be sent to the donor center.

• You will receive a new card to begin collecting points again.

• If you lose your card, you can start a new one at your next donation. If you find the original card, we will be happy to combine the points.