How to Become a Blood Services Volunteer

  1. Read the Volunteer Assessment questions to help you decide if the American Red Cross is an appropriate place for you. Then, look over the time commitments involved in volunteering.
  2. Consider which volunteer position best suits you by looking over our literature:
  3. Call or e-mail your Volunteer Coordinator.
    Indicate your interest in learning more about volunteering.
    Your Coordinator will:

    • e-mail you a Volunteer Application (or you can print it out),
    • tell you when the next orientation in your area will be held,
    • answer any initial questions you may have.
  4. Attend a 2-hour orientation/training session:
    • For Alameda County, the location is Oakland.
    • For Contra Costa County, the location is Pleasant Hill.
    • For Northern Santa Clara County, the location is San Jose.
    • For South Bay counties the location varies.
  5. Sign up for your first volunteer assignment!

Some positions (Phone Team, Driver) have additional steps:

  • Attend a one-time, 2-hour Phone Team training class (arranged individually).
  • Complete additional DMV paperwork for us to obtain your DMV clearance.
  • Go on two to three "ride-alongs" to learn the procedures for Red Cross vans, the routes to hospitals, and the procedures for delivery, pick up, and return.