Student Recruiter Scholarship Program

Rules and Regulations for Participants

1. Participation in this program indicates agreement to and compliance with all rules and regulations listed below.  Non-compliance with these rules and regulations will result in ineligibility for the program, forfeiture of any and all scholarship awards, and non-eligibility to participate in any future Red Cross scholarship program with the GC&P region.
2. All current high school seniors, college students graduating no earlier than December 2010, and current high school Juniors who will be Seniors in September 2010 are eligible to participate in the program.
3. In order to be eligible for any scholarship award or drawing, participant must recruit a minimum of 25 successful blood donors donating in the period July 1, 2010 through September 6, 2010.
4. Pledged donor names must be turned in to the American Red Cross team leader by close of business on June 23, 2010 for July donors, and by July 24, 2010 for August/September donors.  Walk-in donors or donors not appearing on the pledge sheet may not be accurately counted.
5. Donors may self schedule online, and/or will be called by an American Red Cross representative to confirm/schedule appointment times.  
6. All potential donors must meet eligibility requirements prior to donation.
7. One $1000 scholarship award will be awarded to the participant recruiting the most successful blood donations.  In the event of a tie, the participant who recruited the most first time donors will receive the award.
8. Five $500 scholarships will be awarded through a random drawing among all participants who recruited the minimum 25 successful donors.  The winner of the $1000 award will not be eligible for the $500 drawing.  Only one scholarship will be awarded to a participant.
9. Scholarship money will be paid to the college, university, or other post-secondary institution where the participant plans to attend.  Scholarship dollars will be paid as early as September 30, 2010 or as late as June 30, 2011.  In the event the awardee decides not to attend a post-secondary educational institution, the scholarship award will be forfeited.  If award can not be accepted by June 30, 2011 the scholarship will be forfeited.
10. All scholarship dollars are non-transferable, will not be converted to cash, and have no cash value other than as payment towards tuition or other educational expenses.  Checks will be made payable to the educational institution, no money will be paid to the student.
11. Blood donations by the participant will not be counted towards earning the scholarship or meeting minimum eligibility.  All donations must be made by donors recruited by the participant.
12. Any and all awards received through participation in this program, such as gift cards, gift certificates or vouchers are not transferable and will not be concerted to cash.