Power in the Blood

The American Red Cross is partnering with faith groups
for the Power in the Blood campaign.  You can participate!


What is Power in the Blood?
Power in the Blood is an interfaith summer blood donor partnership with the American Red Cross in central Ohio and local faith groups. In 2014, 210 churches participated to collect 7,844 pints of blood during Power in the Blood!

This summer, we hope to repeat that success in meeting our goal of 7,000 blood donations.

Why summer?
The campaign is strategically scheduled in the summer because the season generally is the most challenging time for the Red Cross to collect blood. Dubbed “trauma season,” summer brings an increase in the demand for blood to treat trauma victims, but a decrease in the availability of donors. Power in the Blood helps meet local patient needs during this critical time.

Who is involved?
This summer-long and region-wide campaign involves any church or faith group in the Central Ohio Blood Services Region that hosts a blood drive in the months of June, July and August. These churches contribute to an overall blood collection goal for the campaign. The Red Cross partners with local media to promote the campaign and increase collections among church groups in region.

Why faith groups?  
Faith groups generally are already active during the summer months, and often looking for additional ways to help their community. This program provides an opportunity for houses of faith to make a positive impact during the critical summer trauma season, and allows flexibility for each church to choose a date that works into their schedule.

The tag line “Many beliefs, one purpose,” encompasses the idea behind this interfaith program. We hope that working together with churches and faith groups with a common goal will provide an enthusiasm and greater willingness for all to participate.

The need for blood is constant
Because the need for blood is constant, the Red Cross wishes to partner with groups that care about their community, like yours. You already work to make a positive impact on those around you. What better way to show your community you care than by putting your faith into action and helping save lives through blood donation!

Please join Power in the Blood!
To inquire about setting up a blood drive with your faith group, send us a message at CentralOhioComm@redcross.org.


If you are already hosting a blood drive, here are several tools which might be helpful for you:
     -  Background image for PowerPoint - CLICK HERE