Partners for Life Program

Only about half of 1% of all blood donations

are known to come from ethnic minorities.

A blood supply needs to be as diverse as the community it serves, and the American Red Cross welcomes people of all backgrounds and walks of life to participate in helping patients in need of blood transfusions.
It is a challenge to educate the public about the regular ongoing need for blood. It is even a greater challenge to educate minority communities about why their donations are particularly important for minority patients.
The Partners for Life program is a community–based initiative with a mission to increase minority blood donor participation in Central Ohio to benefit local patients in need.
You can become a Partner for Life by:
  • learning why donors of every ethnic background are needed
  • spreading the word on the need
  • donating your blood
  • giving your time
The program works in partnership with the Diversity Leadership Council (DLC), a group of leadership volunteers from various backgrounds. 
You can be part of the mission as well.  Consider this your invitation to change lives.  Be a Partner for Life by giving blood or join the Diversity Leadership Council of the American Red Cross Central Ohio Blood Services Region. 
For more information about Partners for Life or the Diversity Leadership Council, contact:
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Information on blood and diversity
-  Information for the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and
   Trandgender (LGBT) community is available by
   contacting us at
All are welcome and needed in the mission of the Red Cross!
Upcoming Events:
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